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Tapes and Dispensers That
Seal the Deal

Our tape and dispenser solutions include:


Case Sealers

Case sealers are machines or devices designed to securely seal and close cardboard or corrugated boxes or cases used for packaging various products.

Double Coated Tape

Double-coated tape is a versatile tool in the packaging industry, providing strong, reliable adhesion for a wide range of applications that require bonding on both sides of the tape.

Duct Tape

Duct tape is a versatile adhesive tape that is well-known for its strength and durability.

Hot Melt & Acrylic Sealing Tape

Hot melt tape is ideal for fast and strong seals in industries like e-commerce while acrylic tape has a stable adhesive, suitable for versatile packaging needs.

Masking Tape

Masking tape can be used for temporary labeling, bundling, protecting delicate surfaces, and color coding in packaging.

Paper & Reinforced Gummed Tape

Paper tape and reinforced gummed tape are two types of sealing tapes used in packaging, shipping, and various other applications.

Printed Tape

Printed tape is available in various materials, including paper, plastic, and reinforced gummed tape.

Strapping & Filament Tape

Both strapping tape and filament tape are robust and versatile, offering high-strength solutions for securing and bundling items.

Tape Head Replacement Program

Tape head replacements are crucial components in the packaging industry, used to replace worn or damaged tape heads on packaging machines.
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